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LiveScan Provider for the California DOJ

AAA Livescan is a man and woman veteran-owned company that provides livescan services for California’s Department of Justice. We process a wide range of applicants for pre-employment criminal background checks. Our company has three locations with over 150 to 160 ongoing clients that work with us.

Background Checks for California Department of Justice

Our company is a subcontractor to the California Department of Justice. We have a portal and a billing code to access a database in California for background checks. They also go to the FBI to perform check-in in all the states. We welcome walk-ins; no appointments needed. 

What We Can Do

We are California Department of Justice and FBI fingerprint certified. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we use our expertise and knowledge to provide certified livescans, background checks, handprint scans, and FBI background checks. AAA Livescan offers the following.

  • California Department of Justice Certified provider for every state agency.
  • FBI Direct Submit: Result to the applicant returns within 24 hours.
  • Providing Ink & Paper Card on the FD258 form
  • Mobile LiveScan Service: We bring our equipment to you for livescans done conveniently on your time
  • Real-time tracking on the submission to the California Department of Justice
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Mobile LiveScan Service

Our expert team of technicians provides fingerprint services and uses a mobile livescan system to capture your fingerprints at the convenience of your home or office. The technicians at our company are trained and equipped with portable equipment to make it easy for our clients to take advantage of our services from anywhere.