How LiveScans Work

About the California LiveScan Process

Introduction to the California LiveScan Process

California was one of the earliest states to implement the LiveScan system in 1997. A LiveScan is simply a digitized fingerprint taken for a background check. Employers have used LiveScan services for years to help maintain a safe work environment. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use LiveScan technology.

Who is Required to Get a LiveScan ?

Chances are if you are applying for a professional license or will be working with children or the elderly, and you will be required to be fingerprinted for purposes of conducting a criminal record check. Every state has different requirements. The California Board of Registered Nursing requires fingerprinting and background checks and recommends LiveScan fingerprinting over manual fingerprinting. EMTs, nurses, caregivers, contractors, consultants, and many others require official LiveScan fingerprints and background checks.

How LiveScans Work

Your fingerprints are processed electronically and transmitted immediately to the Department of Justice (DOJ) central computers for processing. The LiveScan process gets results to employers and licensing agencies within days. The California Department of Justice keeps fingerprints on file and notifies the agencies you work with if you have any convictions on an ongoing basis.

Certified LiveScan Technicians

Many office supply and postal stores offer fingerprint services, although fingerprinting is not their specialty. Law enforcement agencies do have LiveScan equipment. However, you may not experience fast or convenient service. Dedicated LiveScan operators specialize in fingerprinting only and have extensive experience taking digital and manual fingerprints. In California, fingerprinting must be done by certified rollers or qualified law enforcement personnel. Only certified fingerprint rollers can take your fingerprints. To become certified by the Department of Justice to take fingerprints, LiveScan technicians must submit to a State and Federal background check.

Benefits of LiveScan over Manual Fingerprinting and Time Required for a LiveScan

Using the LiveScan process instead of manual fingerprinting can speed up the licensing process. Processing time at the Department of Justice and FBI varies. Generally, it takes 1-2 weeks for LiveScans to be processed versus 1-2 months if they are done the old-fashioned way.

The entire process takes only minutes to roll your fingerprints and electronically transmit them to the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), and the Child Abuse Index (CACI) if applicable. As stated above, some providers have other services and fingerprints, which could affect wait time and accuracy.

Mobile Fingerprinting Services

Mobile LiveScan Services are popular throughout Southern California. These convenient events allow employers, schools, hospitals, and other private and public agencies to process hundreds and even thousands of fingerprints in one day. Arranging for a mobile livescan session is easy, efficient and reduces any disruption to your business or processes.

Employer Services – Client Accounts

Client Accounts streamline fingerprint processing for an employer, agency, or private company. We can set up a billing account and help you with reports. Setting up a Client Account may be the most cost-effective method for ongoing LiveScan needs.

How AAA LiveScan San Diego is Different

AAA LiveScan technicians are trained to take flawless fingerprints and protect your personal information. This is our business. We are a dedicated LiveScan operation. Please do not trust your LiveScan to stores that do not specialize in LiveScan Services or offer LiveScans as one of many busy services. Trusting your LiveScan to fingerprint rollers that are not experienced or cannot concentrate in a busy environment could delay your results and cost you extra time and money.